In order to achieve our aim of giving high quality service on time and budget, in a programmed manner and by caring for work safety and the environment, It is very important to have well-educated, well behaved, hardworking and talented people to be members of the Ultra family.

We aim to keep our colleagues in our company who have these qualities by providing satisfactory conditions; we focus on people who have these qualities and who we think can adopt and assimilate our vision, mission, values, principles and policies.


Those who have the above qualifications, who want to improve themselves in the field of activities of our company and who think that they can add value to themselves and to our company, should they work in our company, can apply at any time by filling in the contact form and by adding their resume information.

All applications are carefully scrutinized by interested parties; training and experience are assessed according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System procedures. The information of potential candidates who are not offered job offers at the first stage is kept in the database for later use.